Talin’s photo shoot was special. She is going through something shitty, and familiar.  She was introduced to my instagram after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. But boobs and baldness are not the only B’s we have in common - we’re brave.  We’re not running from the situation, and not hiding it either.  Rather, we’re embracing whatever beauty we can find in such an ugly time.

After round two of chemotherapy, her hair was falling out like crazy! It’s expected, but traumatizing nonetheless. I suggested she do some family photos as a memento, like I had done. But the shedding process isn’t one you can pause. She lost all her hair before we could do that photo shoot. She asked if Roman can take some photos of “ my bald head instead”. And boy did he deliver!

Roman kept the photos clean and simple.  Talin’s personality shines through - she’s all business AND all smiles.

We posted a selfie on our instagram stories this day.  My caption read “bald bitches unite”… hers was less vulgar.  Talin is also a photographer so she appreciates the craft of capturing moments like this through photography.  Not that it’s a pleasant memory. Its a shitty thing to go through- but it’s a reminder of what she can conquer, and a newfound appreciation for life.

Here’s to you Talin!  You’ll be doing hair flips in no time.  And another photoshoot too.  I guess we’re breasties now.  Another beautiful thing to come from an ugly situation - our newfound friendship.


“I hate taking photos of myself. But for the first time, I didn’t care. I am who I am. This is the skin I have and it tells a story. Every wrinkle, every laugh line, every scar. I learned to embrace my beauty exactly as it is.”