Viviana & Co.

Viviana is what I’d imagine Sofia Loren to look like as a child. She’s just a gorgeous little girl, and she’s full of life and not at all annoying. Her clothes stayed clean even when she was laying in the grass. These are not only the perfect spring photos, but I think they’re Vivian’s first official headshots. I even had the honor of braiding her hair, channeling my best Elsa braid.

I wanted to add a personal spring touch by picking up some tulips from trader joes on our way to the photoshoot. What I didn’t get for them was a container. Luckily, Ani had a purse she’d worked super hard for. I stuck them in there. The flowers, her purse, and her dress all had hints of this soft pink mauve tone and it’s one of my favorite photos!

For those of you who are new here (who are we kidding, it’s blog number 3… we’re all new here! This is where I share the tips I learned about photography, by tagging along with ma husband Roman.

Today’s lesson was a reminder to put the client’s comfort first. To check in with your clients, and make whatever adjustments necessary to make everyone feel comfortable. Putting them at ease makes them photograph better too- it’s a win win. This photoshoot was scheduled for 10am, but Roman contacted the client the night before, letting her know that there’s some wiggle room in the timing of the shoot, and that they can push it back an hour if she needs more time. So we did. They pushed it to 11, had an extra hour to prepare for the shoot, and everyone was happy.